Online-only 5-minute Q&A: Mads Kornerup, creative director of Shamballa Jewels

Mads Kornerup talks concerning the past, present and way forward for the brand and its iconic jewellery

Mads Kornerup

How did Shamballa Jewels originate and what was your vision?
Shamballa originated in NYC in 1993, and have become Shamballa Jewels in 2005, when my brother and I joined forces. The idea of a jewelry company stems from my fascination for historic model, design and craftsmanship.

I started with growing new designs that had been masculine and based on previous antique items found at the bazaars and vintage retailers in India, Nepal and Bali. I began producing my first designs in all three international locations, and thus, ceaselessly frolicked in each.

As demand grew, I moved my jewelry production to NYC, where I was residing from 1991-2002, and ran the New York Shamballa retailer from 1996-2002. In 2001 following September eleven, I moved the store and the production to Copenhagen, Denmark, the place all the gold balls and braiding work are still achieved at the moment.

The golden youngster of Shamballa Jewels is the Shamballa bracelet created as a fancy dress bracelet for Jay Z in 2001. In 2005, the first Shamballa bracelet with diamond full pavé balls was created, and that was the start line for female curiosity. As more and more ladies gained interest, Shamballa Jewels exploded as a excessive-end jewellery brand and throughout the following seven years turned recognized worldwide.

The vision of Shamballa Jewels is to adorn men and women of all ages with positive jewelry for every day put on. We search to design and craft jewellery that can be customised to each person’s needs and thereby, aspires you to being current, both in breath and posture, simply to explore your inner Shamballa.

How has the model developed over the previous yr and what are the plans for it going ahead?

Shamballa Jewels has skilled implausible growth, for which we're very grateful to our clients and partners. We now have seen nice growth in both brand awareness and monetary outcomes. It is our perception that the results are a consequence of our commitment and consequent focus on growing high quality jewellery on the premise of Shamballa Jewels’ core values.

Furthermore we're focused on creating very shut relationships with our retail companions, the place keywords are service, open dialogue, smooth operations and mutual outcomes.

Our strategy plan guides us in the direction of further market enlargement both by means of our current retail partners and new retail opportunities. Finally we naturally will proceed to develop new extraordinary merchandise and advertising and marketing efforts, which will help us to “shamballize” the world.

What makes the model stand out from others in the marketplace?

Our model has values to supply the customers, that reach beyond the traditional story of an extended historical past of expertise.

Translated from Sanskrit, the Kingdom of Shamballa means “a spot of peace and tranquility”. At Shamballa Jewels we aspire to recreate that mythical place vibrant with the power of creation. Our philosophy is central to our designs. Evocative of spiritual symbols and prayer beads used because the daybreak of time, our jewelry encourages our customers to find their internal Shamballa. Our idea permits the customer to create their very own distinctive piece of jewelry with the chance of recreating and redesigning it at any given second. To allow even better private expression, we offer customised birthstones, gold beads that may be engraved with special words or initials in Roman or Sanskrit letters. Our jewelry is created from 18 carat gold, white G/VS diamonds, colored diamonds, valuable stones and sophistication A-B pearls.

So in brief, we encourage our prospects to explore the vitality of creation!

How do you support your retail partners?

We are extraordinarily committed to the wellbeing of our retail companions. Naturally we support them by way of our frequent marketing efforts of their regions and within the stores. Furthermore our concept in its generic kind permits our companions to hold a very low stock, but provide the customers a huge assortment of customized made product opportunities, that we are able to ship in a very quick time from ordering. We have now numerous other help actions that we know our partners are thrilled to be a part of, but from a competitive viewpoint, we prefer to maintain them between our partners and Shamballa Jewels.

What can UK retailers and consumers expect to see from the brand in 2013?

We have some very exclusive, one-of-a-variety customized pieces on their way. We shall be presenting new designs with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Moreover the market will see bracelets which have a special development than our effectively-identified and massively widespread braided bracelets. Thus we naturally also like to “explore the power of creation”. We will probably be unveiling a few of our new designs on the 2013 Basel honest.